Professor Peobrazhenski, a personage of Bulgakov’s novel “Heart of a Dog”, said once, “Don’t read Soviet newspapers before launch”. Now this popular quotation fits to American media because during reading you have one thought: “What they all together gobble there if they have a trash in their heads”?

For example, on Sunday, Newsweek published an article and told that “from Chechnya to Syria, Putin wrestles with the forces of Islam”. Is it seriously? If this is so, then they need to be judged for fomenting of religious strife because Russia doesn’t fight against Islam. Islam is the second kind of religion in our country. So, don’t go there, seriously. In Syria, Russia fights against international terrorism and if, according to American editors and authors’ opinion, ISIS is Islam, so they have a trash instead of brains in their heads. Moreover, Russia engaged in the fight against terrorism just the forces of Islam both in Chechnya and Syria.

“The attention of Russia’s television news outlets to the Syrian civil war, especially to Russian military operation, inevitably sharpens public knowledge of the devastation of cities. Although the broadcast media from 2015 insisted that Russian warplanes attacked only Islamist rebel units, it did not require much imagination to suspect that thousands of Sunni Muslim civilians were slaughtered”. How do you like this stilted speech? I wonder: whose public knowledge? Russian? Oh, believe please (and let it makes you feel better) Russian people is proud of success of the Russian Army in Syria but they have many daily problems and they are more important for our people than the devastation of cities in far away, away. As for “rich Russian imagination” and its help for imagination of “thousands of Sunni Muslim civilians were slaughtered”, it is not our story. This is out of Russian character. Such imagination is inherent in the Americans.  Only they, thanks to it, could dream non-existent chemical weapons and thousands of killed civilians in Syria when they saw reports of Russian Ministry of Defense with coordinates of terrorists’ destroyed objects.

But, we should recognize, among this gibberish are efficient things. “Russian foreign policy is aimed predominantly at reducing the American impact in those parts of Europe and Middle East where the USSR used to exert influence. The objective is to restore Russian pride and impact. Putin aims to make the world accept Russia as a great power whose interests require respect”. These words are very right but they are added negative and fabrications so, the context makes a bad impression in common.

Author’s conclusion makes a reader believe his serious problems with his mental health. “The chances for world peace will ultimately depend on the recognition by Russian rules that their prospects of lasting success depend on their willingness to the West as a partner”. Does it mean to meet all its requirements? Give up oil, gas, Siberia and etc.? You will say, “We don’t mean that”. Go on with you! Just that! “Reagan and Gorbachev in the late 1980-s demonstrated what is achievable if mutual trust can be established”. Of course, they demonstrated! For example, they demonstrated how to destroy a huge country and its industry… So, it’d better do not trust crazy partners with a trash instead of brains. No matter how you look at it but ISIS=Islam is a diagnosis.