Sep. 30, U.S. Cyber Command conducted DDoS-attacks on computer servers of hackers in North Korea’s military spy agency. The goal of the attack is to decrease a speed of data exchange and, so, according to the Americans, to bring these hackers down. President Trump signed presidential directive ordering carrying out the attack. So, who is daring now to say that the American president doesn’t provoke Kim Jong Un?

Once again Russia tried to smooth thing over in order to the DPRK government wouldn’t be nervous. Next evening it turned out that the most part of the North Korean Internet traffic was provided by Russian company TransTeleCom (TTK). Fiber optic lines are laid alongside the railway on a route from Vladivostok right up to the North Korean border.

The USA is said to be interesting reports about it. It is indicative that such interest wasn’t approved by the most Russian users of the Internet. This is a very typical commentary from the user with nick “Elena Doctor”: “Only 5 people have the Internet there. It doesn’t matter who is a “provider”  Well, the main ideologists will see South Korean porno sites… So, America, be happy that they relieve the stress otherwise surface-to-surface «cumshots» will be launched”.

It’s clear, the Russian people is supporting their government’s policy regarding the DPRK because TTK gives traffic with the consent of the Russian authorities – TransTeleCom is a subsidiary of the Russian railway operator. So, the Russian authorities knew about TTK’s service to Pyongyang. It’s likely these our actions will allow to decrease Trump’s cyber pressure on the DPRK and, so, will ensure calm on the Korean peninsula.  No one likes see Kim Jong Un in anger, and America especially.  I wish President Trump would understand it.