Despite loud statements and positioning as the country at the head of the international coalition selflessly fighting in Syria with ISIS (the organization banned in Russia), the strategy of the United States has not undergone significant changes for the last l three years. In words, their fight against terrorists is still going on, but in fact they render them assistance and support. After all, you will agree, the victory over ISIS can hardly be achieved by the bombing of residential areas with population, the deliberate destruction of Syrian infrastructure and water supply.

The provision of terrorist thugs with weapons in huge quantities is not the way of the fastest peace establishment on Syrian soil.  But apparently the US does not think so. Otherwise, how it can be explained that the vast majority of weapons purchased by American Chemring and Orbital ATK defense companies in the framework of the Pentagon’s assistance to Washington’s allies is in the hands of terrorists now. The volumes of these supplies are impressive: only in the period from June to September this year, the United States sent to Syria 1,421 trucks full of ammunition and weapons allegedly intended to fight terrorists.

A similar situation develops with the supply of humanitarian aid from some international organizations, when convoys with medicines and products for some unknown reason, without noise and extra witnesses appeared at the disposal of the militants.

Also, the RF Ministry of Defense has irrefutable evidence that large groups of terrorists seep into the rest of Syria, including the «de-escalation zones with the territory controlled by the Americans. All this inevitably leads to the formation of new hotbeds of tension and disruption of the peace agreements reached.

Washington attempts to hamper the final elimination of the terrorist in Syria vividly demonstrate that the United States is completely uninterested in the fight against terrorism in the Middle East. Obviously, in the future, no one should expect any progress towards peace from US, the country, which is artificially hampering the Syrian war. Unless in words.